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All-terrain Strollers

Browse All-terrain Strollers from Athena Baby Care

All-terrain strollers are similar in style to the 3-wheel design of a jogging stroller; however, all-terrain strollers feature a swiveling front wheel, which allows for better steering and maneuvering. The front swivel wheel of an all-terrain stroller can be locked when needed.

This type of stroller is a great alternative to a jogging stroller for parents who are outdoorsy, but not dedicated joggers. All-terrain strollers feature increased frame durability as well as true suspension and air-filled tires which make it the perfect model to handle off-road obstacles. Since they are easy to maneuver than jogging strollers, all-terrain strollers are also better for use on smoother surfaces and in stores.

All-terrain strollers are also the best stroller type for parents of special needs children because they allow you to experience many outdoor areas including dirt roads, trails and hard sand beaches.

While all-terrain strollers can be used in many of the same situations as traditional strollers, they may not fold as compactly and often have limited storage space.