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Bike Trailers

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Bike trailers are a safe and versatile alternative to riding with your child in a bicycle seat. The large, air filled spoked wheels of a bike trailer provide your child with a smoother ride even when you encounter bumps in the road.

Since bike trailers are generally covered, your child will be protected from sun, wind and rain while you cycle. Additionally, bicycle trailers offer a larger amount of storage space and can usually carry two children at once since their weight capacities tend to be between 80 and 100 pounds.

While bicycle trailers are designed to allow your child to ride along as you cycle, some can be converted into strollers. Trailers that convert into strollers are available in two options strolling kits and jogging kits. A strolling kit coverts into a walking stroller with a light swivel wheel. A jogging kit converts into a jogging stroller with a fixed front wheel.

Although bike trailers are a safe riding option for children, children should always wear helmets when riding in a trailer. Children younger than one year of age should not ride in a bicycle trailer because they are not able to withstand the jolts and bumps that may occur when riding in a trailer.