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Jogging Strollers

Browse Jogging Strollers from Athena Baby Care

Jogging strollers are the sport utility vehicles of the stroller market. These strollers feature a lightweight aluminum frame and a three-wheel design. Jogging strollers also have inflatable wheels which allow them to perform well on just about any surface while providing a smoother ride than most standard strollers.

The three-wheel stroller design has become quite popular; however, to be considered a true jogging stroller the front wheel should not swivel. A jogging stroller also comes equipped with an emergency runaway tether that attaches to your wrist and prevents the stroller from getting away from you while jogging or running.

While jogging strollers are able to adapt to many special circumstances, they are not as compact or lightweight as standard strollers are and in general, they do not offer much storage space. Jogging strollers can also be difficult to maneuver when they are used in situations where standard strollers are generally used like when shopping.