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Lightweight Strollers

Lightweight Strollers from Athena Baby Care

Single baby strollers that weigh less than 12 pounds are classified as lightweight strollers. Lightweight strollers are a great option for running quick errands and for airplane or bus travel because they can be carried easily. Parents typically choose a lightweight stroller as an inexpensive second stroller for their family.

Although umbrella strollers are considered lightweight strollers, not all lightweight strollers are umbrella strollers. Standard lightweight strollers offer the convenience of an umbrella stroller while also offering the sturdiness and durability of a standard stroller.

Many lightweight strollers come complete with storage baskets, snack trays and other accessories making them pared down versions of many of the larger traditional strollers available on the market. While lightweight strollers may offer some of the same added features of larger strollers, they also provide convenience for parents by being lightweight and compact enough to easily stash in a car trunk.

Lightweight strollers are typically suitable for children 1 year of age and older since most models do not fully recline. Additionally, most lightweight strollers do not provide much padding, which can be less comfortable for your child during longer rides.

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